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Does Size Matter ???

23 Jun

I have been asked this question time and again by friends who want to have an honest opinion from a girl ( who knows it all and says it all ). The million dollar question is Does size matter . Do women have preference and do women really like well endowed men ?

Answer is yes and yes , women do have preference and women do like well endowed men but definition of well endowed differ from woman to woman . perfect combination is of moderately good size ( too big is painful), proper thickness and expertise in skills . A good weapon is useless if not used properly and a not adequate weapon is just that ..not adequate !!

Men all over the world have been obsessed about the size . Obsession for virgins also stems from the fear of being compared ( God forbid with a bigger organ ). Indian and Chinese men rank lowest in the size department and to make matter worse Indian men rank low even at skill level. They are known to be lousy lovers , lack of physical fitness and hygiene doesn’t help their case either. So , there is something we can’t change , not beyond a certain point I guess . I am sure this has led to the discovery of the great Kamasutra and erotic sculptures . If you don’t have big organ , learn to make the best of what you have . If only Indian men learn and even acknowledge that they lack something which women might desire . Instead they started telling women that women don’t want sex , sex is only for procreation and small organs can reproduce ( India and China’s population are best examples) so they should be Ok. We also tell people that it’s Ok to be asexual rather celibacy is considered a virtue and a path to Nirvana. If only they knew Orgasms are closer to Nirvana  than anything else.

To all the curious guys out there .. a good considerate lover with decent size and good skills is good enough but a well endowed , considerate lover with good skills is always better.

Just for fun ,..check out the demographic distribution of sizes 🙂