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Red Wall Relationships

3 May

What colors you like on the walls and what kind of romantic relationships you like ??

Do you like to be safe and want your partner to merge with your life , like beige or pale blue , it  adds nothing neither does it takes nothing away from your regular life most of the time , it just gels with other things and become part of your life.

Or  do you like rich browns, Maroons  and Royal blues , that add richness ( status , money , intellect  etc)to your life . You might have to change your whole life and things around it . It’s just the kind of relationship where you start telling your parents , friends and siblings to behave up to the standards of your partner .Nothing and No one you knew before were as good as the person and you want everyone to change just to be compatible with the person.

Or do you like Red Wall relationships ..which will be striking , on your face relationship .It won’t gel with anything you have and you cannot change things to go with it . It will stand their sometimes beautiful , some time loud , always odd  .You will never be sure about it , that’s why you tried only one wall and not whole room .Most of the times  it stays just that one wall all your life which you don’t want to change .  You let it stand out. After a point you stop expecting it to merge with anything . You sometimes think why you ever had it in first place . Even after years of its existence only few close people know that you have that red wall in your life .

I am sure there are other colors of relationships but I find Red wall quite interesting !!