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Random Valentine Thoughts

15 Feb

 wishing a  Happy Valentine  day to everyone !!

This day is special , for it celebrates love ..and though I am always vocal about my feelings,this day I do take time out and call / sms/ mail / ping all the people whom I love and who are a part of my life in a beautiful way. This is the day to celebrate all the love that I have received and fail to acknowledge all year through , for we never know how to thank mom for being there all the time or to appreciate our best friend whom we can call even at 4 am .

I feel blessed when I count  the number of  people with whom I exchanged Valentine greetings today …God has been kind.

I dressed up for the day , got flowers , chocolates , wishes and partied with friends . Then why by the end of the day when I saw the red balloons and  hearts and couples walking hand in hand , I felt a little something in my stomach. Is Valentine incomplete till You celebrate it with the ONE you love? And why we value a BF/ gf / partner more than everyone else in life on such a day . Even when this person was not part of my life last year and may not be part of my life next year , why all I could think of this valentine is him.

How do we actually define this love that makes one person the centre of our existence.

P and S finally broke up after 8 years of abusive relationship.Apparently he moved on and she is not getting the message. she packed him 7 gifts (thoughtful) for each day of the Valentine week and sent it to him. He did not even open the parcel for two days, did not even said a courtesy thanks . she cried for two days and today when i called her to wish on Valentines ,she was happy after talking to him for few minutes . I somehow could understand and spared her my usual lecture today.

I always believed in celebrating V day with all the small things , balloons , cards , chocos , red roses , new dress and a cozy dinner .. today I wanted more than that , I wanted to be with that person with whom all these things had some meaning . I am restless at the end of the day

I Love u R for that lovely walk today evening , S for the message in the mid night , mom and dad for being perfect Valentine couple all these years , and J for being my constant valentine over the last 15 years .

I loved this Valentine postcard .. and with it wish my blog friends ( specially spikey and DG ) a life full of love and Happiness.