Moving on !!

30 Dec

As a year comes to an end, so begins another. It makes me think can we ever move on to another, if we are still stuck up in the previous one.

I remember last year I promised myself to break the old strings and find new love. I wanted to move on. I absolutely loved my single life but I still felt that a part of me was in the past. Out of nowhere I felt that uneasiness and yearn for love. Random dating is not my scene and I knew I would not get out of past if I don’t fall in love again. I thought I would never be able to move on..and so I did fell in love again.

A fell in love with I knowing too well that it will be another heartbreak, for both of them. They knew that their love had a shelf life of few months. They keep on reminding each other that this is craziness and they are no teenagers but then to love and be wise exceeds man’s might. Now I is engaged to someone else and A wants to move on like they talked about all these months. But then why they end up calling each other defying all the logic and feels more miserable after that. Why it is so hard to move on even when they talked about it and break up was supposed to be amiable.

P ,one of the closest person in my life, is in love with S from last 8 years. I have been with her through her 100 break ups in those years, with the same man. They cheated on each other, yelled, abused, mis-behaved with each other’s friends, involved parents and friends in their dirty affair and still hanged on. I won’t call it love, but then why they become miserable each time they separate. They have innumerable options around to have fun , even to fall in love and today P asked me 100th time “ Di why I can’t get over him, I want to move on , but I can’t “ .  Will she be struggling herself till she finds another love?  Why is being happy without X is always synonymous with being happy with Y.

Why we reach to a point in a relationship where we become so helpless, we can’t stay in, we can’t move out. When we see another friend in the same situation, we have all the perfect suggestions to make, but when we find ourselves in the same shit, we don’t know how to get out. We do get out of situation after certain time and with the help of friends like J and a new brand love.

It took me almost three years and I thought I will never move on, but I know that I have finally when last week I could see his name on the screen and feel nothing. No pain, no happiness, I can smile on his silly status message and even ping to say hello. While I moved on from past, I am stuck with a present that I have to get rid of in future .Mess I know, love it is.

When someone breakup, it’s suggested to throw away all the things, burn the cards, even avoid the old restaurants and walk ways where you walked hand in hand.  Does that help…Not really!! I let the things lie around and one day when I finally move on, I wonder why they are still around and throw them. Maybe then there is certain short dress in animal prints that I won’t  throw away even if the man who gave me that is no longer in my life 🙂

When we say move on, do we really mean move on to someone / something else? may be till we meet the one with whom we like to stay still forever.

Wish you a very Happy new year ….. and this is for the lovers !

 You must remember this
A kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh.
The fundamental things apply
As time goes by.

And when two lovers woo
They still say, “I love you.”
On that you can rely
No matter what the future brings
As time goes by.


About the Blog

22 Dec

welcome !!

Sex and the city fascinated me when I started watching it some 8 years ago. As a small town girl in her early twenties , I loved the characters , the friendship women shared and the relationships they had . I got the whole 8 seasons pack few weeks back and every time I see an episode I can relate with something .There is no longer that fascination of an unknown world , it all seems to be a part of my world . It makes me think , relate , discuss and conclude and I always have something to say about it . This blog is not just about sex but about sex ,relationships , friendships , breakups and shopping and much more … and its about the life in the big bad indian cities . It’s about men and women I know , I interact with and observe around me .

Delhi , Mumbai , Bangalore ..they are no Manhattan , but I know of women who love shoes as much as Carie, have sex as often as Samantha, dream about a perfect marriage as Charlotte and are as succesful as Miranda. I know of men as perfectly imperfect as Big . I know of women who share everything from their last crush to the last orgasm(or lack of it ). I know of people who are single and are questioned about it every time, and who still love being single and value love and relationships . I know of numerous unhappy marriages and even unhappily extra marital affairs ..there is love and heartbreak all around us .

My posts will be as random as my thoughts  …I would love to have opinions ,view and welcome discussions about my posts and at the same time I will reserve the right to delete / edit any comments that are offensive , obscene or out of context.