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Sex and the city fascinated me when I started watching it some 8 years ago. As a small town girl in her early twenties , I loved the characters , the friendship women shared and the relationships they had . I got the whole 8 seasons pack few weeks back and everytime I see an episode I can relate with something .There is no longer that fascination of an unknown world , it all seems to be a part of my world . It makes me think , relate , discuss and conclude and I always have something to say about it . This blog is not just about sex but about sex ,relationships , friendships , breakups and shopping and much more … and its about the life in the big bad indian cities . Its about men and women I know , I interact with and observe around me .

Delhi , Mumbai , Bangalore ..they are no Manhattan , but I know of women who love shoes as much as Carie, have sex as often as Samantha, dream about a pefect marriage as Charlotte and are as succesful as Miranda. I know of men as perfectly imperfect as Big . I know of women who share everything from their last crush to the last orgasm(or lack of it ). I know of people who are single and are questioned about it everytime, and who still love being single and value love and relationships . I know of numerous unhappy marriages and even unhappier extra marital affairs ..there is love and heartbreak all around us .

My posts will be as random as my thoughts  …I would love to have opinions , discussions about my posts and at the same time I will reserve the right to delete / edit any comment that are offensive , obscene or out of context.


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