Random Valentine Thoughts

15 Feb

 wishing a  Happy Valentine  day to everyone !!

This day is special , for it celebrates love ..and though I am always vocal about my feelings,this day I do take time out and call / sms/ mail / ping all the people whom I love and who are a part of my life in a beautiful way. This is the day to celebrate all the love that I have received and fail to acknowledge all year through , for we never know how to thank mom for being there all the time or to appreciate our best friend whom we can call even at 4 am .

I feel blessed when I count  the number of  people with whom I exchanged Valentine greetings today …God has been kind.

I dressed up for the day , got flowers , chocolates , wishes and partied with friends . Then why by the end of the day when I saw the red balloons and  hearts and couples walking hand in hand , I felt a little something in my stomach. Is Valentine incomplete till You celebrate it with the ONE you love? And why we value a BF/ gf / partner more than everyone else in life on such a day . Even when this person was not part of my life last year and may not be part of my life next year , why all I could think of this valentine is him.

How do we actually define this love that makes one person the centre of our existence.

P and S finally broke up after 8 years of abusive relationship.Apparently he moved on and she is not getting the message. she packed him 7 gifts (thoughtful) for each day of the Valentine week and sent it to him. He did not even open the parcel for two days, did not even said a courtesy thanks . she cried for two days and today when i called her to wish on Valentines ,she was happy after talking to him for few minutes . I somehow could understand and spared her my usual lecture today.

I always believed in celebrating V day with all the small things , balloons , cards , chocos , red roses , new dress and a cozy dinner .. today I wanted more than that , I wanted to be with that person with whom all these things had some meaning . I am restless at the end of the day

I Love u R for that lovely walk today evening , S for the message in the mid night , mom and dad for being perfect Valentine couple all these years , and J for being my constant valentine over the last 15 years .

I loved this Valentine postcard .. and with it wish my blog friends ( specially spikey and DG ) a life full of love and Happiness.


5 Responses to “Random Valentine Thoughts”

  1. Mini February 15, 2011 at 12:23 pm #

    Happy Valentines Day… sweetheart

  2. Bikram February 15, 2011 at 2:59 pm #

    HAppy valentines to you.. Love is strange and it has weird ways of showing .. Lucky are those people who find love for life and it stays .. Generally it doesnot happen that way … HArdly find happy love stories they might start with a bang but end up soon …

    And no we dont have to value the so called GF or partner more than others , each one has a place in our hearts we should respect and love each relation cause EACH ONE IS IMPORTANT.. without them we will be nothing sooner or later we will realise it ..

    • Sex And The Indian Cities February 15, 2011 at 9:20 pm #

      Thanks Bikram .. Hope the day brought love and smiles for you as well .

      DG told me to do a post on true love and thats next one 🙂

      thats the irony of it , we know its temporary , we know it will be gone in few days , and still we value it the most sometimes ..may be thats the raeson why ..others that we know are going to stay ,we tend to take them for granted .

      yes , Everyone have thier own place and no one else can take it , just that we do give some people more time and attention over some other ..Not that we value them any less

  3. Mysticspirit February 25, 2011 at 12:02 am #

    Valentine’s Day is a hard day for singles. Yes, you did everything, roses, chocolates, dressed up nicely. I did too. But still, at the end of the day – just a little lonely, longing for some romance…I know..but it will come, and I love your blog.

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